Spotted Leaving Vitamin Enhanced Illuminating Serum

Spotted Leaving Vitamin Enhanced Illuminating Serum

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Now even more fabulous! We enhanced this already customer-favorite by adding a time-release brightening peptide. This powerful multipurpose serum is working around the clock, releasing 24-hours brightening peptidal waves™ for a more radiant, more even skin tone.

Used twice daily, our clinically tested advanced peptide visibly reduced the look of skin discolorations more effectively than several leading prescription ingredients at similar concentrations, and across multiple ethnicities*.

Start knocking those spots off! This gentle formula also includes a host of calming ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and signs of irritation, including a full alphabet of Hall of Fame vitamins E, A, B and C.

So lightweight and fast-absorbing, you can use Spotted Leaving® day and night under any moisturizer. Its shine-free, silky texture is also perfect for oily or combination skin.

Spotted Leaving® was developed to help visibly reduce the look of sun and age spots, but does not remove scars from acne.

Selected Top 25 Anti-Aging Products for Spring by Town & Country magazine.